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Getting to Know Your Aiphone Sales Team

As we continue meeting our amazing sales team leaders, let me introduce Steve Martorano, our Northeast Sales Manager. Steve joined us last April after many years of selling communications systems to healthcare facilities. Even though his Aiphone territory stretches from Maine to Virginia, don’t worry about Steve being stretched too thin. He has a dozen sales people helping, as well having Aiphone’s East Coast office right in his back yard! Steve lives in Somerdale, N.J., and he and his wife have two grown children.

As one of the newer members of our team, Steve brings interesting insights to Aiphone. Here are some of his thoughts on the company and the security industry as they relate to the New York and New Jersey area.

What have you learned about Aiphone since joining the company?

When dealers and end users talk about intercoms, the Aiphone name just naturally rolls off their tongues. For more than 40 years, the company has built an incredible reputation. I’m amazed at the durability of our products. I hear about 25- to 30-year-old systems being replaced – not that they stopped working, but end users want the newer features and functions we offer in today’s systems.

What’s the hot Aiphone solution in New York/New Jersey?

The New York-New Jersey market is very demographically driven. This is a huge population center with millions of people living in multi-family buildings. Our GT Series is perfect for this application. It can support up to 500 tenant stations and 16 entry panels, making it ideal for even the largest apartments and co-ops. And it works equally well for multi-tenant office buildings.

What other market is showing great growth potential?

My background makes me a little biased, but I see the healthcare market growing rapidly for us. Nurse call systems are really hot now. Our NHX Series lets one master station handle up to 80 patient stations. We’ve already made good inroads into nursing homes and elder-care facilities. Now we’re aiming at acute hospitals and larger medical centers.

Have a question or comment for Steve? Contact him at Stephen.Martorano@aiphone.com. Contact information for all members of Steve’s NY/NJ team is available on our website. Simply click on the New York area of our interactive Sales Rep map. (aiphone.com/replist)

We’ll talk again soon.


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