AX Series: Integratable Audio/Video Security System AC-10S/F: Access Control Keypad AT-406: Handset-to-Handset System C-123L: ChimeCom Systems CCS-1A: ChimeCom2 System DA Series: Two-Wire Door System DB Series: Hands-free Two-Wire Door System Emergency and Assistance Solutions GT Series: Versatile Multi-Tenant Security Video Intercom Aiphone Door Stations with Embedded Card Readers IE-1AD: Chime Tone Intercom System IE-1GD: Chime Tone Intercom System IE-2AD: Chime Tone Intercom System IE-8MD: Chime Tone Intercom System IM Series: Security Window System Set IPW-1A: Intercom over IP adaptor IS Series: Networked Video Security Communication IX Series: IP Video Intercom IX-1AS & IX-10AS: Standard intercom to IX Series adaptor JF Series: Hands-free Color Video Enhanced System JK Series: Hands-free Color Video with PanTilt & Zoom JKW-IP Video Intercom Over IP Adaptor JO Series: 7-Inch Touch Button Video Intercom JP Series: Video Intercom with 7-Inch Touchscreen KB Series: Video Sentry Color Tilt System LEF Series: Hands-free Selective Call System LEM Audio: Hands-free Intercom System LEM-1DL & LEM-1DLC: Access Sentry System MC-60/4A: MarketCom System NHX Series: Nurse Call Intercom (UL 1069 Listed) NIM Series: Lamp Tone Intercom Paging TC-M: Internal Telephone Type Intercom System TD-H Series: Selective Call Intercom System TL-2000: Telephone Entry System VC-M: Multi-Tenant Audio Entry System Wire